View Series, 2020
Held Together, 2019
Mapping a Love Song Video Still-1
Mapping a Love Song, 2019
Interactive Support System Weaving Station, 2018
The Circle is a One, 2018
What Comforts Me, 2018-2019
Held/Hold, 2017
Formation, 2015
Learning To Walk, 2013; ratchet strap, plaza: dimensions variable: performed at MOCA Cleveland
Declarations of Truth- Declarers
Declarations of Truth- Declarers, 2011; wood, paint, foam, wallpaper, cardboard, declarers; dimensions variable Photo: The Sculpture Center
i pushed that out there
i pushed that out there, 2009; wood, fabric, paint; 4′ x 4′ x 8′
a float, a flicker
a float, a flicker, 2009; rope, ribbon, yarn, twine, fabric, foam, paint; dimensions variable Photo: Shannon Sullivan
Spoon Dance Film Still
Spoon Dance, 2008; pants, fabric, spoons; dimensions variable
Porcupine Nest Building Exercise
Porcupine Nest Building Exercise, 2008; cardboard, plastic straws, paint, fake fur, epoxy, latex tubing; dimensions variable
Dream Hut
Dream Hut, 2007; pink residing board, glue, domestic fabrics, rope, metal; 8′ x 5′ x 7′