Interactive Support System Weaving Station


Interactive Support System Weaving Station was performed over 7 hours on July 28, 2018. Participants were invited to make two lists answering the questions: Who do you take care of? and Who takes care of you? They were then invited to cut a ribbon for each name on each list. These ribbons became the warp and weft of a weaving that visually represented the support system they listed. The weavings were made on a child’s toy loom- the kind originally intended to make potholder crafts. Once finished, the participants could take their individualized weaving home.

Interactive Support System Weaving Station was created as a part of Mixed Bag’s installation entitled, In the Kitchen. Our installation was presented in the kitchen of a foreclosed home in Slavic Village, Ohio during Rooms to Let and commented on the roles of women in care taking and domestic spaces. Mixed Bag was an all-female art collective in Cleveland, Ohio.

Photo credits: Angelique Gates, Lynn Rodemann