Held Together



Held Together is a visual exploration our interwoven nature and creates a space to think about how systems of support function, or don’t. For a two hour duration, two Movement Performers weave strips of fabric onto a square wooden loom. One Performer weaves the warp (Who do you support?/How do you build your community?) and one Performer weaves the weft (Who supports you/How does your community build you?). As they weave, they engage with each other to find points of balance and support in their movements.

At the same time two Conversation Specialists engage the audience in the warp and weft questions. Audience members can write their thoughts on a piece of paper and the Fabric Organizer will transfer them on the strips of fabric to be weaved. There is an option for audience members to attach a black strip of cloth to their thoughts to indicate non-support. This cloth will be included in the weaving. The visual result of the weaving is determined by audience conversations.

Performed in 2018 (Pandemonium) and 2019 (Station Hope) at Cleveland Public Theatre with Rebecca Burcher and Ashley G. Herron as Movement Performers, Angelique Gates and Daved Thonnings as Conversation Specialists, and Sandra Albro and Elaine Hullihen as Fabric Organizers.

Additional help from Jeffrey Hennies and Megan Young.

Photo Credit: Katrina Blatt