View Series


View Series (2020) is inspired by a series of stories written by Oluremi Ann Oliver during her work with FrontLine Service and will be included in a book based on the workshops she led.

Oliver’s project arose from the Center for Performance and Civic Practice’s (CPCP) Learning Lab, a professional development program for artists and nonprofit organizations rooted in civic, social, public, and placemaking practices, with support from Cuyahoga Arts & Culture. In the program, artists and local nonprofits built partnerships and received funding to explore and implement co-designed, arts-based projects. In this partnership, Ms. Oliver provided a safe, trauma-informed, and culturally sensitive space for those who receive services from FrontLine to share their stories while also supporting others in the group. These shared experiences helped build community and provided an opportunity for participants to not only express themselves verbally but for them to be heard.

FrontLine Service is committed to seeking out and serving those in the community who are the most vulnerable: children traumatized by violence, individuals who are homeless, and those who are struggling with a mental health crisis or thoughts of suicide, serving them with empathy and commitment to their dignity and intrinsic worth. In 2019, the agency served over 23,000 individuals, helping them overcome the barriers and severe challenges in their lives.