Formation (2015)

Performed exclusively for Cleveland Public Theatre’s Pandemonium 2015. This piece works with obscuring and revealing form as well as our tendency to search for order and recognition . Full performance: 1.5hr Video by Daved Thonnings

Learning To Walk (2013)

Created for MOCA Cleveland’s Family Fun Day on May 19, 2013. This piece is not only inspired by Kate Gilmore’s work, which was on view during the event, but also by my own evolving artistic practice.

Shadow Dancer (2012)

In this collaboration with Jeffrey Hennies, we explore movement, sound and the possibilities of the human figure.

Somatosensory Cartography (2011)

Created for a show called Local Terrain based on the experience of living in Ohio, I was led blindfolded by two friends on a path that I had to retrace on my own. This was an experiment to see how well my body has learned my “local terrain” without the use of my most dominant sense. I went the wrong way, felt the breeze of a passing car, ran into a street sign and a dumpster. The piece ended when I took off my blindfold to discover that I was within twenty feet of the starting point. The experiment took one hour.

Declarations of Truth (2011)

Prompted by questions of America’s historical mythology and how that relates to our cultural identity, I replicated Thomas Jefferson’s beloved house, Monticello, as a platform from which participants could speak. During the exhibition, visitors were invited to step on top of Monticello to share a truth. Participants could also post a video of their truth online. To see other declarations search “Declarations of Truth” at

State of Truth Panel Discussion (2011)

Four panelists, selected based on their relationship to the idea of truth, gathered to answer questions and discuss the ways that truth functions in our culture today. Not to reduce these panelists to their occupations, but rather to illuminate their interests, seated from left is a community organizer, a yoga instructor, a poet/historian, and a high school teacher. I played the role of moderator.

Spoon Dance (2008)

This spoon adorned costume/instrument is not only an experiment with sound, but also with group organization and music production. The performance lasted 10 minutes.