Other Work

Hell’s Gate (Canto III), 2019; created for Inferno at Maelstrom Collaborative Arts. Photo Credit: Kaitlin Walsh


Acorn,blue on canvas
Dad’s Acorn, 2018; Woodcut; 5″ X 7″


Collage Studies, 2018


True Value #3, 2017; Tru Value paint swatch samples obtained when Kent Hardware, a locally owned corner hardware store, closed down, 3′ 10″ x 2′ 6″


Dresden Print Series, 2008


Today I Awoke On The Wobbly Legs Of A Baby Giraffe


Shoe Books, 2009-


Early exercises in experimental performance 2008-2009


Sidewalk Stitching, 2007; thread; An exercise in misplaced energy