Declarations of Truth

Declarations of Truth questions the “truth” with which we label our country’s history as well as the power structures that support this notion.

I want people to participate in the writing of what will be our current history. Creating a model of Monticello, that is also a platform, I invite the public to stand and declare their truth. In addition, participants were also invited to create a video truth or a written truth that could be projected or posted on the wall of the gallery.

Declarations of Truth was presented through the W2S emerging artist series at The Sculpture Center, Cleveland, Ohio, 2011


The exhibition also included a State of Truth panel discussion on the ways truth is, or is not, practiced in our culture today. Pictured above, from left, are panelists Greg Griffith, Margot Milcetich, Nick Sturm, Lindsay Sinkovich and moderator Elaine Hullihen.